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Midnight Odyssey – Shards Of Silver Fade Review

The collapse of the record industry and the proliferation of inexpensive tools for independent recording and distribution have meant, in many ways, a liberation of artistic expression. On the whole, then, that’s a good thing:

Valborg – Romantik Review

After a few albums that mixed their signature doom/death/dark-plus-Celtic Frost-on-an-80s-goth-binge metal with some wondrous throws out of left field, Germany’s Valborg delivered an album that was, well, rather straightforward in 2012’s Nekrodepression. Of course, it

Leila Abdul-Rauf – Insomnia Review

The first thing that hopefully jumps out with regard to Insomnia is the name attached to the project. If you’ve been involved with the CA/Bay Area metal scene for the better part of the last

Urfaust – Apparitions Review

Apparitions by UrfaustWell, I don’t imagine this one will go a hell of a lot of distance with the ol’ Urfaust casual listener. Then again, these two dudes have basically made a life of sneaking

Owl – The Last Walk Review

Zeitgeister Music, that German label/family of bands that thrills as many metal fans as it befuddles, always seems to have one band in that “nailin’ it” groove at any given time. For a while, it

Darkspace – Darkspace III I Review

Darkness is the most fascinatingly vast concept the universe has ever offered us, and the most terrifyingly claustrophobic. It is infinite — and nothing — all at the same time. Apply this concept to our

Spectral Lore – III Review

“No eternity was ever promised to you, child…” Music that is existential in nature has an immense tendency to transport listeners into its own world. Like dead flies sucked through a vacuum, we are, if

Jumalhamara – Resitaali Review

That right there is a piece entitled White Painting [Three Panel], done in 1951 by the world renowned artist, Robert Rauschenberg. (Latex paint on canvas, 72″ x 108″ – Collection SFMOMA.) This piece, along with