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Blue, Yellow, & Bleeding: Блек-метал як духовна війна в українському андеграунді

Затхлий запах смерті Приніс з собою вітер Лише холод і туга безкрая У небі роїться круків зграя Вся земля вагітна мерцями – svrm, “Земля вагітна мерцями” The musty smell of death Wind brought with him Only

Eight Bells – Legacy Of Ruin Review

[Artwork by Tom Roberts] Have you had the pleasure of meeting Eight Bells yet? If not, allow me the honor of a formal introduction. Eight Bells is a metal band that’s apparently not quite metal

Deathless Void – Deathless Void Review

It takes a lot to summon a whole root system of possibilities in 14 minutes, but that’s precisely what the Dutch outfit Deathless Void accomplishes on this ferocious debut EP. The opening track writhes and

The Mist From The Mountains – Monumental – The Temple Of Twilight Review

With a nifty logo, nature-based cover art, and winter timeliness on their side, Finland’s The Mist From The Mountains release their first full-length of melodic black metal, Monumental – The Temple of Twilight. Monumental –

Eternal Evil – The Warriors Awakening Brings The Unholy Slaughter Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental. Whatever the band’s conscious influences may be, Eternal Evil’s The Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy Slaughter sounds Teutonic in aesthetic. From the unrelentingly guitar-forward POV to the frantic

Track Premiere: Chaos Perversion – “Entangled In The Roots Of Death”

If you dig deep enough, there are about as many interpretations of black metal as there are black metal bands. Regardless of the details, at its core, black metal is about conflict. Man vs nature,

Best of 2021 – Chris C: It’s Been A Year

This has been a strange year in music. Blood Incantation announced their hour-long, ambient Century Media debut. Andi Deris proved the best bobbing head on the new and remarkable Helloween hydra. Melodic black metal not

Lucifixion – Feral Mass: A Black, Raw, & Bleeding Premiere

Salutations, Trav’lrs. The closing of the year is nigh, and the night hath brought with it one final gift, a closing sacrament before Last Rites begins its end-of-year rituals of reflection. This cursed gift is