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Fast Rites – Volume 7: The One (Mad)Man Binge and Purge

There were a number of albums that came across my desk as I pondered what I would follow up my review of Prong’s latest with. Some garnered more interest than others; some were destined to

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika Review

Moonsorrow has never been a band to shock their fans, or anyone for that matter. Over the course of six albums and one really long “EP,” the greatest carriers of Quorthon’s legacy have generally stayed

Voivod – Post Society Review

My first full Voivod immersion occurred in 1988. At the time, a more undecayed version of me used to scrape up just enough money to be able to afford two cassettes at the local record

Borknagar – Winter Thrice Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. I have a very particular idea in mind of what makes a good Borknagar album: the listener should be able — perhaps even compelled — to sing along to

Queensryche – Condition Human Review

I remember now… I was somewhere around twelve or thirteen; on Headbanger’s Ball, a video from a band with a name I had no idea how to pronounce… I remember how it started… With the

Krisiun – Forged In Fury Review

Krisiun is almost universally described as “consistent.” And for good reason: These Brazilian brothers have been cranking out variations on a death metal theme for a quarter century now. They don’t vary their attack much,

Tribulation – The Children Of The Night Review

Originally written by K. Scott Ross. Isn’t it strange how sometimes music seems custom made for our tastes, and yet we don’t enjoy it? Such it was with Swedish retro-death turned progressive gothers Tribulation. Their 2009

Vattnet Viskar – Settler Review

If metalheads were a fair bunch, they’d pick on the identical wardrobes of every “war metal” band as much as they focus on the looks of bands like New Hampshire’s Vattnet Viskar. Because really, the fashions