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Sanctuary – The Year The Sun Died Review

I’ve been looking forward to a new Sanctuary album for a long time. It’s been twenty-five years since the last one, since 1989’s Into The Mirror Black. Mirror and its predecessor, the Dave Mustaine-produced Refuge

Butcher Babies – Uncovered Review

You know you’ve got a winner of a record when the best thing about it is the thinly-veiled pun in the title, this one of course alluding to the fact that this band’s primary appeal

Dark Fortress – Venereal Dawn Review

There’s a fine line between being a tourist and an accomplished jack-of-all-trades. Take the latest from Germany’s long-running blackened act Dark Fortress, Venereal Dawn. (That title, by the way, refers to the goddess Venus, not

Entombed A.D. – Back To The Front Review

Because bands can’t think of a better way to deal with a naming conflict than just adding “A.D.” or “B.C.” to the end, we now have Entombed A.D., which is essentially just the most recent

The Haunted – Exit Wounds Review

Despite The Haunted maintaining full time activity over recent years, many will likely view Exit Wounds, the band’s eighth full length, as a return or comeback of sorts. The reason for this is twofold. First,

Arch Enemy – War Eternal Review

Like many others, I was hugely disappointed when Johan Liiva left (?) Arch Enemy. I hadn’t been a fan for long, but those first three albums left a strong impression on me during my second

Vallenfyre – Splinters Review

The deeper one explores the vast universe of music’s possible varieties, the less time is generally reserved for that which is intentionally regressive in nature. I love the old school as much as the next

Insomnium – Shadows Of he Dying Sun Review

Insomnium has long held the status as being one of the best melodic death metal bands to not emerge directly or indirectly from Sweden’s Gothenburg scene. While always owing a ton to Dark Tranquillity, these