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Where Angels Dare To Tread: A Solitude Aeturnus Primer

A case can and should be made for Arlington, Texas doom vets Solitude Aeturnus being in the running for the most underrated classic metal band to ever come out of these United States. True, an

Hatriot – Heroes Of Origin Review

It goes without saying that it really matters who you work with, but I’m going to say it anyway… Members of The Who and Led Zeppelin had embarrassing solo careers. Samoth and Trym’s work in

Sinister – The Carnage Ending Review

Though they’ve never achieved the acclaim of countrymen Asphyx and Pestilence, for some good reasons, the Dutch death metallers in Sinister certainly deserve some small amount of credit – for not giving up, if for

Exciter – Death Machine Review

Way back at the dawn of time, Exciter released back-to-back rip-roaring speed-driven rides that laid the groundwork for what would eventually become thrash metal. 1983’s Heavy Metal Maniac and 1984’s Violence And Force stand as

Zombie Inc. – A Dreadful Decease Review

I’m not into this whole zombie phenomenon. I’ve never participated in a zombie crawl, planned for the zombie apocalypse, or watched a single episode of “The Walking Dead.” So naturally I was skeptical when I

Illdisposed – There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me) Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Well, this is definitely not what I was expecting. Long-running Danish act Illdisposed began their life as a catchy, epic melodic death metal band, with lots of flashy guitar solos

Solitude Aeturnus – Alone Review

During a time when US-based metal labels were mostly searching for the next meaner, faster, more extreme band, Arlington, Texas’ Solitude Aeturnus epitomized the much less popular doom slant. This left the band with very