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Defcon 4 – The Bad Road Review

Originally written by Tyler Wagnon. Steve Austin’s new Supernova label is off to a great start releasing the newest Today is the Day in addition to several other noisy and horrifyingly heavy discs. The Bad Road – album number three

Oxbow – The Narcotic Story Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey There are those drug albums that glorify the experience of the high; experimental recordings that are meant to add something to the process of self-exploration through mind-altering substances. And then,

Unsane – Visqueen Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Ever since that video where skaters dined on pavement and extreme sports stars of every variety were punched off their respective way of locomotion by the fists of failure, I’ve

Arriver – Vanlandingham And Zone Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. The scope of Arriver is astounding.  For an unknown band that, to my knowledge anyway, is unsigned and untouched by any major to devise something as massively mythological and textured as Vanlandingham and

Oxbow – Love That’s Last Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. It’s hard to believe that Oxbow has been around for nearly twenty years now. It’d be hard to believe that anything as stubbornly atypical and unfriendly as these Californian lunatics could last

Raison D’être – Reflections From The Time Of Opening Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson (ray-zohnn DET-ruh) A basic, essential purpose; a reason to exist. Despite my growing affection for the strange little corner of the musical world known as dark ambience I must admit

Beecher – This Elegy, His Autopsy Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. Y’know how it seems like some bands have that one album that changes everything for them without really changing that much at all? Well, this might be the one for Beecher.

Daughters – Canada Songs Review

There are a few ways I can describe this “album” from Rhode Island’s highly touted Daughters: A gravel coated 14 inch enema of DEP, Cephalic Carnage, The Locust and Uphill Battle shoved sideways into your