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Chapel Of Disease – Summoning Black Gods Review

I am not sure what sure what inspired Chapel of Disease’s moniker, but when I saw the promo for the band’s album Summoning Black Gods in my email, I immediately thought of “Chapel of Ghouls”. Hoping

Riffology 113 – All Your Sins

As promised, we return to normal format for this lesson, covering just one tune. The tune in question is “All Your Sins” by Maryland doom metal godfathers Pentagram. “All Your Sins” comes from Pentagram’s self-titled

Grand Supreme Blood Court – Bow Down Before The Blood Court

Grand Supreme Blood Court’s debut, Bow Down Before The Blood Court, marks the return to recording of former Asphyx guitarist Eric Daniels. The band is the brainchild of Daniels and co-guitarist Alwin Zuur — Zuur

Riffology 112 – Kreative Evolution: Part V

I would like to offer my apologies, dear readers, for Riffology’s long absence. I did not intend such an extended break between lessons, but work, side-jobs, deer season, holiday season and illness combined to sap

Satan’s Wrath – Galloping Blasphemy Review

Greek duo Satan’s Wrath, featuring former Electric Wizard bassist Tas Danazoglou on vocals, drums and bass and guitarist Stamos K, has issued one of the most aptly named debuts in recent memory. Galloping Blasphemy is

The Sword – Apocryphon Review

Few young metal bands have had more success in recent years than The Sword. The band’s debut, Age of Winters, while critically acclaimed, met with more than its fair share of detractors claiming the band

Hooded Menace – Effigies Of Evil Review

I was quite taken with Hooded Menace’s debut, Fulfill the Curse, when I reviewed it some years ago. The band’s mixture of Candlemass, early Cathedral and Asphyx hit the right spots for me. Despite adhering

Hour of 13 -333 Review

Hour of 13 seemed to be a band on the rise following the release of its last album, 2010’s The Ritualist. On the strength of that release the band was signed to Earache Records, which