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Lago – Tyranny Review

A solid entry in the regular-assed death metal category is Tyranny, the debut full-length from Phoenix Arizona’s Lago. Lago eschew both the processed-to-shit trappings of modern tech-death and the ever-popular, retro-as-fuck, early-nineties death metal sound.

Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves Review

“Is that Wendy O. Williams riding a giant wolf through a post-apocalyptic, urban wasteland? Sign me the fuck up!” Such were my thoughts upon seeing the gloriously retro cover art to Johnny Touch’s debut Inner

Terminal Death – Terminal Death Review

Shadow Kingdom Records, as is becoming habit, has dug up some more obscure 80s recordings and given them the spiffy reissue treatment. This time around beneficiary is Chicago death metal outfit Terminal Death, whose entire

Incantation – Dirges Of Elysium Review

Each snowflake supposedly possesses its own unique crystalline structure that differentiates it from all other snowflakes, but from a couple feet away you can’t tell one flake from the next: all you see is white

Cardinals Folly – Strange Conflicts Of The Past Review

Strange Conflicts of the Past is a collection of demos and EPs from Finnish doom band Cardinal’s Folly. Cardinal’s Folly previously operated under the moniker The Coven, releasing two EPs and a live album before

Immolation – Kingdom Of Conspiracy Review

If we’re being honest, Immolation’s days as a ground-breaking death metal band are long past. The band has not really pushed the envelope of death metal or even its own sound in over a decade.

Dream Death – Somnium Excessum Review

Dream Death was one of those bands that didn’t fit neatly into any particular metal scene or sub-genre. Even in the less rigidly subdivided metal landscape of the late 1980s, Dream Death was a square

Vorum – Poisoned Void Review

Since I am pretty much out of interesting angles on old-school death metal, I will just get down to business with this review. Poisoned Void is the debut from Finnish death metal act Vorum. Though