Dark Funeral – De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine Review

Originally written by Patrick Dawson Following a delightful and speedy introduction in Español courtesy of some Chilean in the know, the same diabolic entrance track this band has been using for years plays and to

Curt Shaw – Curt Shaw Review

Synopsis: GUITAR GODZ versus the music fans… Short Review: If you really like the sound of solos, this is your crack. The guy can definitely solo. But the pieces lack anything that makes metal cool

Cripple Bastards – Desperately Insensitive (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner I really can’t recall ever seeing more compilations, splits, and 7” releases in my life. Hell, their back catalogue has more songs than grind sensations Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Originally released in

Saxon – Dogs of War (Reissue)

Originally written by Chris Chellis. With an uncompromising hard rock aesthetic, Saxon released Dogs of War in 1995 and it has now been re-released with live editions of Dogs of War’s “The Great White Buffalo” and the classic “Denim &

Catacombs – In The Depths Of R’lyeh

The masses will not enjoy this album on any level. But then, sole Catacombs member Xathagorra Mlandroth probably doesn’t give a tossed fuck about the masses. The man is no stranger to the extreme doom

Fleshless – To Kill For Skin Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Somehow, someway, despite the fact that this is the fifth release from Czech death metal heroes Fleshless, despite the fact that I own enough CD’s to become a record store

Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Perhaps the finest attribute of Katatonia is their fail-proof consistency. Before I dig into a new studio album from these Swedes, I always ask myself the following question: so just how good

Callenish Circle – [Pitch.Black.Effects] Review

Originally written by Ben Graves. Callenish Circle’s ability to create a distinctive sound in a genre that’s so flooded with hacks and pretenders is without a doubt one of their greatest achievements. Put Pitch.Black.Effects side by side

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