Insomnium – Above The Weeping World Review

originally written by Jim Brandon I’ve only been able to briefly hear Insomnium’s In The Halls Of Awaiting and Since The Day It All Came Down until fairly recently, and after more concentrated listening I

Ahab – The Call Of The Wretched Sea Review

“Yet for ever and for ever, to the crack of doom, the sea will insult and murder man, and pulverize the stateliest, stiffest frigate he can make; nevertheless, by the continual repetition of these very

Wolf – The Black Flame Review

Originally written by Dante Sacomani. I’m typically the last person willing to dole out any over exaggerated praise to a band who so obviously handpicks their musical cues straight from the back catalogs of legendary

Light This City – Facing The Thousand Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Somehow I doubt I’m alone in this regard, but I consider Light This City to be easily one of the more entertaining American metal acts out there today, eclipsing the competition presented

Arriver – Vanlandingham And Zone Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. The scope of Arriver is astounding.  For an unknown band that, to my knowledge anyway, is unsigned and untouched by any major to devise something as massively mythological and textured as Vanlandingham and

Absentia Lunae – In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria Review

It’s black metal time again, among my least favorite examples of the diversity my pet musical fetish has whelped. But this band has recorded it in a manner I can at least tolerate. You know,

The Funeral Pyre – The Nature Of Betrayal Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner After two years and a relocation to La Habra, California we now have The Funeral Pyre’s follow up to Immersed by the Flames of Mankind. That might not mean much

Draconian – The Burning Halo Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley Sweden’s Draconian have been grinding the axe of gothic death n’ doom for quite some time now, and while it was 2003’s Where Lovers Mourn that finally put them on

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