Six Feet Under – A Decade In The Grave Review

One day there was this band called Cannibal Corpse who were part of a great little scene of American Death Metal bands who wanted to be heavy; not good, not bad, not mind blowing, not

Catheter – Dimension 303 Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Out of the records unleashed by Selfmadegod as of late, Dimension 303 is my favorite. While I do have good things to say about Third Degree, Wojczech, and Antigama, Catheter upstage their fellow grind combatants. For starters,

Zero Hour – A Fragile Mind Review

It’s been over four years since Zero Hour became the darlings of the prog-metal underground with their Towers of Avarice release. That may not seem like a long time for that genre, but seeing as

Cradle of Filth – Peace Through Superior Firepower Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. We have a lot to cover, so I’ll just get started. Cradle of Filth, on the whole, are both decent and divisive. I myself have heard their entire discography, and I

Akercocke – Words That Go Unspoken Deeds That Go Undone Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Synopsis: Another album of compelling death influenced black metal from Akercocke that ultimately rewards listeners willing to deal with its somewhat erratic pacing… Review: Is this a concept album? I

Indian – The Unquiet Sky Review

originally written by ZD Smith By some chance it seems that I’ve become the go-to guy for drone-doom and sludge metal. And I suppose that’s ok; this sort of style, lying as it does on

Bible of the Devil – Brutality Majesty Eternity Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. A lot of comparisons have been thrown at this group haphazardly, most extremely loosely based in truth, from AC/DC to Motorhead, but what Bible of the Devil can be compared to best is an amalgamation

Sin Origin – In The Presence Of A Dread Magician Review

Synopsis Multi-tempo Black Metal with some killer Death riffing thrown in; long songs… Recommended… Review When I see that I am getting into a CD full of long songs, like 8+ minutes long, I look

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