The Heretic – Gospel Songs In E Minor Review

Synopsis: Black Symphonic Death and Roll… and a bunch of other pointless descriptors… Review: I lost my original review. Sorry. This was handed in last week, but it never entered the database. My ISP kicked

Decapitated – Organic Hallucinosis Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner Decapitated is a tank that has been on a path of unstoppable destruction since their first full length release The First Damned, pulverizing everything in their way with a refined

Severe Torture – Fall Of The Despised Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner There have been a few important changes in the Severe Torture camp. First, these Dutch heavyweights have moved from Hammerheart Records to the ranks of monolithic death metal label Earache;

Canvas Solaris – Penumbra Diffuse Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Grab a Snickers; you’re gonna be here for a while. No matter how much my musical preferences change, I’ll always have a soft spot for prog. It was the first

Squash Bowels – Love Songs Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner After releasing their last two full-lengths on Obscene Productions (No Mercy in 2004 and The Mass Rotting The Mass Sickening in 2002) Squash Bowels made a somewhat surprising move to

Kataklysm – In The Arms Of Devastation Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. It’s not so much about the Benjamins as it is about the riffs, and Kataklysm have plenty of them. Surprisingly, this Canadian band has been tearing it up for 15 years, but

Krisiun – AssassiNation Review

Synopsis: This is Krisiun. They have several records out, and they play fast-to-blast technical Death Metal, record it perfectly, release it to us and don’t fuck around. Review: I happen to think this band is

Helrunar – Frostnacht Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner I’ve been struggling with this particular band for some time now. I can’t really place my finger on it, but there’s something about this band that eludes me. Helrunar doesn’t

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