Into Eternity – The Scattering Of Ashes Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley With all of the line up changes that seem to plague Into Eternity at every turn, fans of the band have to wonder how they’ve been able to overcome such

Stonecutters – Stonecutters Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. Stonecutters – a four-piece hailing from Louisville, Kentucky – are an interesting bunch. Within their ranks they hold a former member of My Own Victim, a former member of False, a professional skateboarder,

Goatwhore – A Haunting Curse Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: Finally, the band fulfills and fleshes out its ‘Southern, sludgy black metal’ moniker. Review: I’ve always sort of thought Goatwhore’s previous two overrated efforts were little more than Soilent Green sprinkled with

Panzerchrist – Battalion Beast Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: Because sometimes I need a break from Christian metalcore….Panzerchrist is the prefect remedy… Review: Bludgeoning, brutal, blistering and blackened, Battalion Beast, the fifth album from one of Denmark’s more consistent and

Wednesday 13 – Fang Bang Review

Where does one begin when discussing Wednesday 13? Well, he’s a character, that’s for sure. But, lest I repeat anything I may have said in my review of his debut solo album Transylvania 90210, I’ll

Napalm Death – Smear Campaign Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: It’s Napalm Death, what are you expecting here? Review: I really enjoyed The Code is Red, Long Live the Code, but for whatever reason, Smear Campaign, despite all its classic blasting, screaming, ranting,

Rotten Sound – Consume To Contaminate Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner While Sweden and Finland are no stranger to the extreme metal community as a whole, I’d venture to say this is primarily because of the insanely well known close ties

Gadget – The Funeral March Review

Originally written by Jeremy Garner For those of you who’ve been keeping track, this album has been sitting in my to-do pile for far too long. In a lot of ways though, I’m glad for

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