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Fast Rites – May 2017: Don’t Cry For Me, Florida

Reality shows have a special hold on America. The entertainment channels are chock-full of people crying, screaming, fighting, being overly drunk and just plain embarrassing themselves for the benefit of the viewer. And is the

Fast Rites – April 2017 Black Metal and Steroids

Much like Major League Baseball attempting to deal with the long embedded problem of steroids, the “metal scene” needs to finally figure out a way to deal with the Nazi problem. As Mike Piazza’s jersey


Fast Rites – Get Your Fix

We have lots for you to chew on once again in this installment of Fast Rites. For example, we have a holdover or two from late last year, plus a few reissues that are well worth


Fast Rites – Volume 13

We’re clearing the decks with looks at releases that languished in our inboxes over the “holiday” season. Record labels don’t completely shut down in December, but it’s very easy to overlook new albums when you’re


Fast Rites – Volume 12

December always sees the number of new releases considerably decreasing, and heavy hitters certainly dominated the release calendar in recent months. As the end of the year fast approaches, the LR staff’s focus will go toward


Fast Rites – Volume 11

Maybe ‘Back To The Future: Part II’ was merely off by one year? Defying all sound reasoning, the Cubs are the best team in baseball, and good metal releases continue to fall through the cracks.


Fast Rites Vol. 10 Summer Doldrums?

The late summer doldrums are here, but many artists are looking beyond the seasons to the stars. Blood Incanation‘s Starspawn currently has tongues wagging, and the new album from Satan-Is-In-The-Cosmos explorers Inquisition is about to drop into everybody’s laps. But, you should


Fast Rites – Volume 9

You may or may not have heard, but Heavy Metal at is no more. I was a fixture at the site for nearly a decade, and the short form album review format made up the bulk