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Cover art by Christophe Moyen (Thorncross)

Poison Leather – Trapped In The Abyss Of Chauvet Review

Art has been a part of the human experience since, well, the dawn of the human experience. Ever since Grunk dejectedly drew a sad face with Oong’s blood after bludgeoning him for even considering to

Herzel – Le Dernier Rempart Review

[Cover artwork by Flog Diver | Illustration & Design] From the perspective of an American fan, one of the true benefits of enduring these many years and still holding true to rabid fan status after

Feculent – The Grotesque Arena Review

Have you guys heard about the new restaurant on the moon? The food is good, but there’s no atmosphere. But seriously, folks… If you’d like to take my alleged joke and let me stretch it

Harmer – Harmer EP Review

You ever just want to hop around and break shit? I don’t. I’m pretty reserved and peaceful. (Read: I’m a nice guy, or maybe I’m just a wimp.) But if I did ever just want

Turbulence ‒ Frontal Review

What’s in a name, anyway? In the case of Lebanon’s Turbulence, the initial impression was just of a makes-you-think kinda name for a band playing a rather heartfelt form of prog, but there was more

Warrior Path – The Mad King Review

[Cover artwork by Dimitar Nikolov] Somewhere out there right at this very moment, a power or power-related metal band is putting together a new album and hoping the material is extraordinary enough to tempt the

Cover art by Sonia Jimenez

Fuego Eterno – El Arte De Lo Oculto Review

Hailing from the city of Los Ángeles, Fuego Eterno are bringing some absolutely ripping death/thrash on their first release. Their debut album, El Arte De Lo Oculto, was released independently this past January. This may seem

Expression Is Free: Sufism Interview

Death metal, particularly that of the brutal kind, is not often entrenched firmly in the spiritual realms existing far beyond — and above — our consciousness. Rather, the brutal death metal tends to focus on